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    Why Aircon Not Cold


    1, the amount of air shortage (return air volume is not enough, easy to handle ----> filter cleaning, free DIY)


    2, the refrigerant is not enough (window type is unlikely, if the manufacturers to determine the refrigerant leak, manufacturers need to fill the valve and fill the cold coal action, need 3,500 yuan to 4,500 yuan, but I suggest you update the air-conditioning, the general manufacturers see the window Type air-conditioning metropolis that cold coal shortage, the time is not the case, but the demolition of the evaporator to clean and maintenance, and this time manufacturers will still say that the shortage of cold coal but charges about 1500 ~ 2500 yuan, if the separation, Coal opportunities will be larger, because the outdoor unit of the compressor operation will have a vibration situation, it will be connected to the outdoor machine copper concentric vibration factors to slowly loose and slowly produce cold coal leakage situation, , The technical staff do not check the moment will not connect the indoor and outdoor machine brass pipe to make it slowly leak refrigerant, refrigerant charging and maintenance at this time about 2500 ~ 4500 yuan, depending on the number of tons of cold air.


    3, the compressor failure (because the description of the start when the compressor is activated, it can not be judged, but if the window type is recommended to update, due to repair costs may be able to purchase a machine with the same type of air-conditioning, if For the separation of air conditioning replacement compressor is about 5000 ~ tens of thousands are possible, depending on the size of the price to determine the price.


    4, the system pipe block cheek (window type models may be lower, because the pressure inside the copper tube must be greater than 1 atmosphere, unless the cold coal leak is completed, if it is so about the maintenance costs of about 4000 to 6,000 yuan between the cost of filling refrigerant And maintenance costs, but the maintenance time is longer, because the copper pipe broken hole must be very subtle not easy to find out, if the separation of air-conditioning, probably installed by the air is not produced by vacuum, because the atmosphere is not condensed gas ( That is, water vapor) caused by the impact of another reason with the same window type cold coal leakage is completed, the aircraft case of this situation, the cost of about 2,500 yuan to 4,500 yuan, according to the different tonnage and have different prices.


    5, the temperature is too high (according to the current climate of Taiwan's outdoor temperature, about 32 degrees to 34 degrees, should not yet produce cold air is not cold, unless you buy the original tons of air-conditioning, or before you buy air When the tonnage is enough, but the current heat load increases, such as the increase in the number of heating appliances to increase, etc., have this situation.


    6, Evaporation Cream (This is the most likely to produce a family of cold problems, but also the general manufacturers most like to encounter problems, because the most easy to solve the best reason to make money, manufacturers know that for the reasons but large Will be with the consumer that is the lack of refrigerant, prompting consumers because they do not understand the reasons for cold and cold when the big head, the general window type air conditioning is about 1500 yuan to 2,500 yuan, separated from about 2500 ~ 4500 air-conditioning between the same, the same According to the tonnage to determine the price)


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